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Gray and Black Tape

20130624-145118.jpg1″ tape perfect on custom drapes or on top of the bed! Greatly discounted!


Gorgeous Brush Fringe!

20130624-144823.jpgThis new brush fringe is black with pink, red, and green accents. This is designer trim at a discounted price!


Black, red, gold Cording!

20130624-144413.jpgThis fun cording will stand out on your next project! It is green, red or pinkish, red, and black. It is couture trim at a discount!


New Loop Fringe!

20130624-141849.jpgThis brown and blue trim will add a little sparkle to any project!


Bellagio Cord with Lip.

20120807-171522.jpgPucker up to this lipped Bellagio Cord trim. It’s simple elegance speaks for itself, but everyone is talking about it!

$4.50 a yard

Black and White Looped Trim

20120807-170801.jpgNothing says classy contrast like this black and white looped trim! Keep the black and white theme or add it to your favorite color!

$21.75 yard