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Custom made chair

This chair was so fun to design and to see finished. We love this fabric and can’t wait to bring it to our client! And good news, we have this fabric in stock! instock fabric chair

Exotic Hide Chairs

We created these chairs with the client’s own personal hides they got from a trip to Africa! These are some very exotic chairs that were put in an office to match all the other prizes from their hunt, including a lion! We had some fun making these chairs and love how they turned out! chairs with hide 2 chairs with hide

Bright Bedroom Chairs

These chairs add a pop of color to any room, but specifically a bedroom in this case! We love the neutral fabric paired with the colorful polka dots on the back to give these chairs some personality. Our client had these custom made and picked out the fabric herself, give us a call and you can too! bedroom chairs 2 bedroom chairs

Chic Bathroom Chairs

We just recently finished this custom designed chair and ottoman for a client. The fluffy hide is a Mongolian lamb and is bright white and so soft. We added acrylic legs to both the ottoman and chair to give it a more fun look. These chairs pulled the bathroom together to make a chic and timeless look! bathroom chairs 1 bathroom chairs 2 bathroom chairs 3 bathroom chairs 4



53% linen 25% cotton 12% nylon

$21.00 per yard.